1. Reel Power has over 48 years of designing and building specialty winch and winding equipment. Marine winches are available with variable frequency or hydraulic drive systems for over 100,000 lbs of pull. Please share with us your exact requirements and a winch can be offered to best suit your application.

  2. Reel Power ME patented innovative depth compensated accumulators reduce subsea equipment weights, lowers maintenance requirements and improves equipment access.  Accumulators are used to deliver hydraulic fluids to a wellhead blowout preventer, subsea control systems and subsea trees. Among other functions, accumulators are used to actuate the shear rams on a subsea Learn More -->

  3. Reel Power ME Patent Pending Loc-Torus II -Remotely Operated Hydraulic Frac Connector is specifically designed to Lower Operating Costs and Improve Safety for the high demands of hydraulic fracturing applications.

  4. » Wide range of coil head adjustment
    » Safe and ergonomic operation
    » Automatic pipe layering
    » Automatic stop at pipe end

    » Semi-Automatic Strapping/Banding
    » Fully Automatic Strapping/Banding
    » Integrated Coil Unloading&Staging Arm
    » Dancers/Accumulators fortension control
    » Traversing frame coiler forlevelwind control
    » Pipe end quick ..

  5. Raw Water/Pre-Loading Reel Systems provide an effective means of storing, lowering, and retrieving a composite hose at the end of which an ESP (Electrical Submersible Pump) can be attached and run below the ocean surface to deliver seawater to an elevated offshore structure.The systems can be retrofitted to an existing vessel or supplied for new construction.

  6. Reel Power ME Installation/Workover Control System (IWOCS) reels are designed to meet the customer's hydraulic control requirements for vertical and horizontal well completions in various water depths. Reliability is critical for high cost deep offshore well intervention operations. The reels offer several patented and patent-pending features that save operating costs and increase reliability. ..

  7. Offshore Loading Stations are designed to provide reliable, safe and efficient fluid transfer in various offshore applications. These systems can improve efficiency and safety on jack-ups, semis, drill ships, TLPs and FPSOs — any Offshore vessel where fluid and dry products are loaded from a service/supply vessel.

  8. Cable Tensioners are used to deploy and retrieve cables and umbilicals, typically offshore.  The tensioner consists of two horizontally or vertical opposed caterpillar tracks connected to a common sub-frame, one is solidly fixed and the other on a sliding arrangement allowing it to be squeezed hydraulically against the other. The design allows centering the cable vertically through the cleat sty..
  9. Powered drill line spoolers and powered wire spoolers speed up and rig down time. Reelpower ME has worked closely with drilling contractors and rig manufacturers to specifically design and manufacture Drill Line Spoolers that will improve operator safety and reduce cycle time. Reel Power ME offers drill line spoolers and powered wire spooler in many configurations, sizes, and drive re..

  10. Subsea Bullseyes are large visible manual slope indicators. They are used to properly position subsea equipment and/or components on the seafloor. All units provide a clock orientation face and are easily readable by ROV's or TV cameras. Our bullseyes are depth rated to more than -12,000 ft. and are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and degree of inclinations. Whether your project req..

  11. Reel Power ME Umbilical Reels are capable of handling up to 13,500 feet of umbilical or hydraulic hose. There are several patented features available on all our umbilical reels that allow safe and reliable deployment of various hose types.

  12. Reel Power Marine & Energy offers custom designed A-frame and Overboard frames per the application’s special requirements. Systems available up to 60,000 lbs capacity and can be custom designed to your exact requirements. Powered by company provided HPUs or ship power. DNV Certifications available.

  13. The Drill Line Slip & Cut Coiler is specifically designed to wind used drill line,allow the operator to band the full length of drill line, and allow the coil to be removed with an overhead lift or forklift for disposal. The coiler will allow the material to be disposed of quickly and safely – a significant time and safety improvement from the current process of ..

  14. Tire type linear cable engines are used to deploy and retrieve cables and umbilicals, typically subsea. The tire design is more friendly to the cable and can pass bodies while maintaining tension on the cable. The Marine & Energy containerized design makes for fast mobilization, easy transport and installation; simply tie off to the deck, deliver available power and the system is ready to g..

  15. Reel Power ME have a combined 64 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of reels and winches. The companies have designed and built reels to meet a wide range of size and utilization demands. The combined company is experienced in a wide variety of controls, including pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical (PLC and Servo control), and has built reels to handle almost every flexible material..

  16. The Re-Reeving machinery is specifically designed for replacing wire rope on your on-shore and offshore cranes.  The machine winds up your old wire rope onto a spool for disposal, then pays out new wire rope with back tension from a reel to yo..

  17. Custom turntables manufactured to your specifications with drive and tension control systems available...
  18. Reel Power ME Rotary Valves and high-pressure rotary valve provide directional control of high-pressure functions for both on & offshore subsea and industrial control applications. Designed with the operator in mind, Reel Power ME rotary valves reduce panel space, provide shorter and more compact tubing runs, and ease maintenance and testing requirements with front panel maintenance access...
  19. Modular, containerized deployment system to deploy “Work Class” ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), other underwater crafts and subsea tools, using a non-armored tether for deployment, offers decreased weights, mobilization costs, faster deployment and can be placed on varying vessels of opportunity.

  20. Reel Power ME's Hotline Hydraulic Umbilical Reels allow the operator to reel out/in up to 13,500 ft. of hydraulic hose so that all hydraulic operations on the subsea BOP stack can be maintained. They can be operated locally or from a remote control panel, whichever the customer requests.

  21. ESP (Electric Submersible Pump) Spoolers are used to deploy and retrieve electric submersible pump cable with pump attached downhole. The units are also used in service centers throughout the world for cable repair application. Typically, these spoolers are designed to hold a 96” maximum diameter x 30,000 lbs reel of cable. Available with electric or electric/hydrauli..

  22. Traction winches are used to hold back and control tension on wire ropes, ROV cable, synthetic rope and wireline. They are often used to control tension for loading material onto a winch that cannot support the high line tensions on lower layers. Otherwise known as dual wheel capstans.

  23. Foundations and Hydraulic Reel Drive system are used to spool, deploy and recover subsea products such as umbilical, flow lines, flexible pipelines, power cables, telecoms, wire ropes, mooring lines and tubing. Shaftless and shafted systems are available for reels up to 350 tons. System are also available for in-plant winding applications...
  24. Carousels & Loading arms are used to deploy and store umbilicals and high voltage cable for offshore or plant side.  Carousels are offered for up to 3000 tons. ..
  25. The Re-Reeving machinery is specifically designed for replacing wire rope on your on-shore and offshore cranes.  The machine winds up your old wire rope onto a spool for disposal, then pays out new wire rope with back tension from a reel to your crane. The Re-Reeverprovides tension controlled pay-out and re-spooling for boom hoist and main lift line applications. The Re-Reeving Series is a..

  26. Reel Power ME Riser Fill Umbilical Reels are used to store, wind and deploy umbilical for transmitting fluid to the riser. Reliability is critical for high cost deep offshore BOP operations. The reels offer several patented and patent pending features that save operating costs and increase reliability..

  27. The Reel Power ME Patented Catahead Style LARS System transfers the power of lifting to a dual failsafe tractor curve mounted on the mast and compliments the system with failsafe double wedge slips which act as parking brakes and/or emergency stop brakes.  The relatively small catahead located on the mast eliminates the need for large heavy duty winches.

  28. The Reel Power ME RadaClamp is a compact remotely operated hydraulic connector designed to replace standard flanged or mechanical clamp connections thus significantly reducing operator time and cost as well as risk factors for personnel operating beneath heavy hanging loads during surface/ land operations.

  29. Reelpower OG BOP Control Umbilical Reels are capable of handling up to 13,500 feet of Electrical and Fiber MUX or Hot Line hose umbilical. BOP Control reels are used to store, wind and deploy umbilical that control the subsea wellhead Blow Out Preventer.  Reliability is critical for high cost deep offshore BOP operations.  The reels offer several patented and patent pending features t..

  30. Current coiled tubing winch and coiled tubing deployment units use a heavy winch to handle and store the tubing. The coiled tubing is deployed to a tower sheave then to a straight injector and into the well. Reel Power ME patented unit includes a curved Catahead injector to handle the load. 

  31. Reel Power ME single drum wireline unit and slick line unit can be deployed for running and retrieving down-hole tools, performing light duty wireline and fishing operations..


  32. Shaftless and shafted spoolers are available for rewind, cable repair and deployment applications for inside or outdoor or shipboard use. Spooling equipment available for 1/64 in. to over 20 in. diameter products on 18 in. to over 30 ft. flange diameter reels. Electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, gasoline and/or diesel powered systems are offered.

  33. Wireline & slickline units are used for running and retrieving downhole tools, performing light duty wireline and fishing operations. Compact, lightweight, low maintenance yet fully functional single drum wireline unit housed in a robust frame with stainless steel engraved control console.

  34. Service loop spoolers prevent damage to the expensive cables, reduce downtime for getting replacement cables and decrease rig move times. Spoolers may be powered by the rig's pneumatic or hydraulic system.

  35. Drill Line Spoolers offer a wide range of capacities. Available options include; onboard drill line-level wind, winch and speed/torque control main drive system, on-board operating station, and tail boardable frame with optional skid plate decking.

  36. Reel Power ME also sells Spare Parts for all of our reels. If you need Spare Parts just go to the Contact Us page and send us your request. Please pro..

  37. Reel Power ME Hydraulic Power Units are designed and manufactured, with the highest quality, to meet your specific requirements. A variety of control panels have been designed for our reels; controlling the motor, brakes and locking pin during operation. 


  38. The Reel Power ME Patented and Patent Pending Smart Reel® innovative technology automatically controls the umbilical tension during deployment and retrieval of riser...
  39. Since the Macondo accident Reel Power ME has been working to improve drilling safety by providing practical solutions to help avoid a similar accident or in the event of another accident provide ready ROV access to subsea BOP control systems.

  40. Reel Power ME levelwind assemblies feature stainless steel diamond pattern drives screws which are custom designed to fit the width of both the spool and the frame to which it will be mounted.

  41. Reel Power ME Multifunction Hydraulic Reel allows the operator to reel out/in multifunction hydraulic hose with 1 to 65 individual hydraulic functions capability. ..
  42. Reel Power ME umbilical sheaves meet or exceed API 16D stringent installation requirements. API requires the sheave to be rated (SWL) for two (2) times the calculated force required to overcome the maximum braking capacity and motor torque output.  The sheave assem..

  43. Reel Power ME's Patented Shearable Drill Collars are designed to shear in commercially available Offshore Blow Out Preventers (BOP). Conventional drill collars have large cross-sectional areas for the weight and cannot..

  44. The Reel Power ME patented Loc-Torus Hydraulic Connector is a versatile replacement for standard torus style OEM connectors. The Reel Power ME patented “lock over center” design is ideal for multiple use applications where the need for greater reliability and functionality exist, especially in today’s cost conservative marketplace.



  45. The Reel Power ME WAEF (when all else fails) Intervention System utilizes API Standard ROV Interfaces to gain substantial control over subsea Blowout Preventer and completion systems. A standard interface will offer 24 individual hydraulic control signals plus a single torque function capable of 1000 ft-lbs. Reel Power ME unique Frictionless Stabs allow for the insertion of up to 24 hydraulic s..

  46. Reel Power ME's Full Time Riser Fairings are designed to suppress Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV) and reduce the impact of forces caused by the water currents against a Drilling Riser or Steel Catenary Riser (SCR). The Riser Fairings help to reduce the effects of repetitive stress forces caused by vortex induced vibrations (VIV) and ocean currents against the structure, mooring system, well ris..

  47. Reel Power ME   has designed and built an Arctic Tundra Table. This system allows for year-round drilling in the Arctic Tundra regardless of the freezing or thawing conditions. It provides a small footprint and is designed to contain all drips/runoff to minimize any impact on the tundra environment.

  48. Our Steel Catenary Riser (SCR) Mast was designed to assist in the receiving and placement of the SCR from the pipe-lay vessel.


  49. Reel Power ME ROV Pipeline Spear was designed to recover the cut or parted end of a pipeline from the ocean floor. The Pipeline Spear can be made in any size to fit the ID of your pipeline.

  50. Reel Power ME has designed and built Gimbaled J-Lay Towers with highly automated pipe welding systems that allow offshore pipelines to be laid safely in deepwater. One J-Lay Tower for OSI/Petrobras had a 58 ft. travel and another for Stolt had an 8..

  51. Reel Power ME's Drilling Riser Centralizer allows the riser to be recovered in currents that would normally make running risers very difficult or impossible. The Centralizer System can be designed and modified to fit your specific drilling rig requirements and dimensions. It is usable on any deepwater drilling vessel but provides the greatest benefit on moored vessels.

  52. Reel Power ME Offshore Control Panels and Offshore Control Systems are designed and manufactured, with the highest quality, to meet your specific requirements. Our most sophisticated control panels are designed to operate J-Lay Towers and Riser Centralizers. They contain controls to operate all functions of your specific operation including video monitoring from several camera positions.

  53. Product Description Our 10,000 p.s.i & 15,000 p.s.i. Choke and Kill Connector is pressure balanced and provides a full bore connection for deepwater choke and kill lines. Due to our pressure balanced design Reel Power ME Choke and Kill Connector does not require a locking connection and avoids the high forces of conventional connectors. 

  54. The Reel Power Marine & Energy Hot Stabs and BOP Hot Stabs offer a variety of bore sizes and pressure ratings easily added to any system where disconnecting is a must. The Marine & Energy Hot Stabs provide a make / break hydraulic connection between the subsea packages which allow a break to be made under full pressure without damaging the resilient seals...
  55. Reel Power ME's Electric and Fiber Optic Reel allows the operator to reel out/in Multiplex Electro-Hydraulic (MUX) and Fiber Optic umbilical from the same reel. This reel has an electric swivel on one end of the axle and a fiber optic swivel on the other end. They can be operated locally and/or from a remote control panel (whichever the customer requests) ..
  56. Oceanographic Winches, Towing Winches, Research Winches, Specialized Winches, Traction Winches, Array Winches, Renewable Winches, Dredging Winches, Bow Winches Ocean & Seabed Survey Winches, Specialty Mooring Winches, Aerostat Winches, Seismic winches, Geotechnical Winches(seabed sampling), ROV&nb..