Our History


At the end of 2009, Radoil was purchased by Reel Power International (formerly Tulsa Power Holdings, a Dubin Clarke company) which already owned Tulsa Power, Inc. and Reel-O-Matic, Inc. In 2016, the company consolidated its oil and gas operations into its modern 100,000 sq. ft Houston, Tx facility. The combined company’s name is Reel Power Marine & Energy dba Radoil & Tulsa Power.


Radoil was originally founded by Benton Baugh in 1980 after he had worked for over 20 years at the following companies: Bowen Tool Company, Camco, Cameron, Vetco Offshore, and Brown Oil Tools. While registering several corporate names, it occurred to Benton that if we associated the manufacturing we were doing with a single corporate entity, we could build name recognition and value. It took about 15 seconds to conclude that what we were doing was Research And Development on Oilfield Tools, so the name Radoil Tool Company was written on an available assumed name form, and the county clerk stamped it as official. Our corporate name was later shortened to Radoil, Inc.


The first product designed, patented and manufactured by Radoil was the Baugas Inert Gas Generator, which was a technical success, but not a commercial success.  It did, however, fund the basic company infrastructure until Radoil was asked by Hydril to build a set of offshore MUX reels to work with its Blowout Preventer (BOP) control system.  We were prepared to be lucky. Radoil built those reels for Hydril and then began to build umbilical and hose reels for a number of other companies. Radoil has gone on to become the dominant supplier of offshore MUX (Multiplex electro-hydraulic) and hotline reels and has also branched into a wide variety of diversified products. Radoil has continued to improve its reels with several patented features, the latest being the automatic constant tension feature on umbilical and hose reels.


Radoil also designs and manufactures several other products used in deep water drilling. These include a variety of depth compensated accumulators, hot stabs, bullseye inclinometers, rotary valves, and sheaves as well as some other specialty products. We continue to make research and development advancements in other product lines. Our focus recently, due to the recent decline in commodity prices, has been to branch out into other segments of the oil industry. We are currently concentrating our R&D efforts on products that will give us a strong presence in the production, intervention and development segments both offshore and onshore.


In 2009, Radoil received ISO 9001:2015 certification to compliment other product DNV and ABS certifications that it had already achieved. Radoil has maintained good representation with some individuals holding leadership roles in the National Academy of Engineering, ASME and MTS. Radoil initiated and has been a significant sponsor of the Annual ASME/UH OTC Crawfish Boil held every year on the Sunday before the OTC at the University of Houston campus. Radoil has had representation for several years on the OTC board and over the years has also been an exhibitor, judge and presenter at the OTC.


“Cutting edge” is a phrase that is often overused or misused however a number of deep water companies turn to Radoil when they are confronted with situations that require a new or cutting edge solution. Radoil is focused on staying at the cutting edge of deep water drilling development and providing the rugged and reliable equipment necessary to see the industry continue to overcome new challenges and advance into new realms.


Tulsa Power was founded in 1974 focusing on developing innovative solutions for winding and handling flexible materials. The company entered the marine & energy industry in 2001, developing a line of drill line spoolers for land, and then offshore use.  The company continued to develop products for the industry, staying focused on winding technology and now offers, among other products, Offshore Loading Stations, Raw Water Reel Systems, Drill Line Spoolers, Wireline (braided and slickline) Units. In addition to mechanical design, the company has a rich history and experience in automation, including PLC, Servo and safety controls. The company focus has been on land, shallow and deep offshore drilling, but any application requiring handling of flexible material can benefit from Tulsa Power ingenuity. 


Reel Power Marine & Energy, Inc, the combined company, offers complete mechanical and controls design and manufacturing, including fabrication, machining, mechanical and electrical assembly. State of the art engineering tools are employed including Solid Works 3D modeling and ANSYS FEA, along with a robust ERP and quality control package. Reel Power Marine & Energy regularly meets ASME, API, ABS, DNV and other design parameters, and its large, modern factory is ISO certified.  Further, the company has dozens of patents and patents pending, and the list is growing.


A commitment to innovation and growth. As the challenges and needs of the industries we serve evolve, so do our solutions. We continue to identify challenges, design innovative solutions and manufacture quality products that save our customers time and money.