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WAEF BOP Intervention System

The Reel Power ME WAEF (when all else fails) Intervention System utilizes API Standard ROV Interfaces to gain substantial control over subsea Blowout Preventer and completion systems. A standard interface will offer 24 individual hydraulic control signals plus a single torque function capable of 1000 ft-lbs. Reel Power ME unique Frictionless Stabs allow for the insertion of up to 24 hydraulic seals with no insertion force, and then sets the seals upon full engagement. Reel Power ME Shear Ram Enhancer effectively doubles the shearing force available for subsea blowout preventers, allowing the shearing of a greater range of well bore pipes.


    Technical Specs:
  • API 17D Fluid coupling, triple port (1.375" nominal bore)
  • Multi-purpose docking receptacle
  • Docking- API 17D C921.8 Class 5
  • Torque – API 17D C921.7 Class 3
  • Porting – API 17D C921.10 with Uni-Torque Box
  • Provides ROV access to C&K lines
  • Provides up to 24 Hydraulic control functions