Health and Safety

Safety is Our Highest Priority

health and safety

Reel Power Marine & Energy places top priority on safety and recognizes that safety comes first and foremost above all company priorities. The objective of Reel Power Energy & Energy Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy is to produce and foster a safe working environment through continual training and awareness, employee participation, and a strong, dynamic safety culture.

At Reel Power Marine & Energy every employee is an advocate for safe work practices, and we recognize that safety begins with accountability. In order to prevent injury and property loss, each employee is personally involved and committed to the safety and wellbeing of himself and those around him. This responsibility includes co-workers, clients, contractors, subcontractors, and the general public.

Through continual improvement, strategic planning, and dedication from all employees safety remains a core value within our business. Safety is, and will always be, our highest priority.

Environmental Policy Statement

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Reel Power Marine & Energy is committed to conducting business in a manner which minimally impacts the environment. All levels of management give serious consideration to our materials handling procedures and the processes used in the manufacturing of our products. When any material or process is determined to pose an actual threat to the environment, practical, cost-effective mitigating measures are sought.

All management and employees of Reel Power Marine & Energy work in full cooperation with oversight agencies, regulators, clients, and contractors to ensure we remain fully compliant. Implementation of this Environmental Policy is monitored and enforced as part of the Reel Power Marine & Energy HSE Management System. Reel Power Marine & Energy continually strives to eliminate negative environmental impacts in all facets of our operations.