1. Reel Power Marine & Energy offers custom designed A-frame and Overboard frames per the application’s special requirements. Systems available up to 60,000 lbs capacity and can be custom designed to your exact requirements. Powered by company provided HPUs or ship power. DNV Certifications available...
  2. Traction winches are used to hold back and control tension on wire ropes, ROV cable, synthetic rope and wireline. They are often used to control tension for loading material onto a winch that cannot support the high line tensions on lower layers. Otherwise known as dual wheel capstans. ..
  3. The Reel Power ME Patented Catahead Style LARS System transfers the power of lifting to a dual failsafe tractor curve mounted on the mast and compliments the system with failsafe double wedge slips which act as parking brakes and/or emergency stop brakes.  The relatively small catahead located on the mast eliminates the need for large heavy duty winches.