• Reel Power Marine & Energy Contributes to First Ever 20,000 psi Deepwater Well Control System

    Reel Power’s Depth Compensated Accumulators (DCB) added significant volume to Blow Out Preventers (BOP)

    Reel Power Marine & Energy, Houston, Texas, (August 23, 2022) – Reel Power Marine & Energy is proud to be part of the recent ultra-deepwater giant drillships build. These two (2) drillships have the first ever 20,000 psi well control system equipped with two 20,000 psi blowout preventers. Reel Power Marine & Energy contributed to this project with their patented innovative depth compensated accumulators (DCBs) that reduce subsea equ

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  • Synthetic Rope vs Steel Wire Rope for Marine Winch Applications

    For marine winch applications, there are many advantages to using synthetic rope as steel wire rope. Synthetic rope is lighter, more buoyant, and higher flexibility, all of which are even more important for marine applications. Synthetic rope also stores less energy than steel rope, making it safer in a break scenario. Synthetic rope can be repaired, if require, by braiding broken ends, but this should be done by the professionals. Another important advantage is that steel rope strands can break, causing a dangerous loose sharp end, which can snag hands, even if they are gloved.

    Over time, synthetic rope is susceptible to UV exposure, and abrasion. Plus heat and chemicals can effect synthetics more so than steel.

    Types of Marine Winches:

    A winch is a device that pulls, hauls or lifts an object thru rope, cable or chain medium by typically winding around or from friction against a rotating drum. Marine winches are mainly used for towing,

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  • Reel Power Oil & Gas rebrands company to Reel Power Marine & Energy to better reflect its offering

    (Houston, TX, October 20, 2021) … US based equipment manufacturer Reel Power Oil & Gas, a subsidiary of Reel Power International, has officially changed its name to Reel Power Marine & Energy.  This name change is made to reflect the broad market segments Reel Power serves. “The company develops robust capital equipment solutions through innovative equipment and advanced engineering, for oil and gas operations, as well asfor the land completions and drilling rig segments. But a large and growing part of Reel Power’s business is providing products for offshore wind energy, marine and defense markets.  Therefore,this name change more accurately reflects the markets our company is catering to and aiming at,” said Tom Frey, Chief Executive Officer. “As the challenges and needs of the industries we serve evolve, so do our solutions. We continue to identi

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  • Depth Compensated Accumulators Provide Greater Volume to Meet Contract Requirements

    A leading drilling contractor has selected Reel Power Marine & Energy Depth Compensated Accumulators (DCBs) to retrofit to their Semisub deepwater drilling rig to increase available volume. The contract required more stringent sheering capabilities than existing equipment could handle. Adding additional conventional bottles was ruled out because of available space on the BOP. Several alternates for increasing volume were considered, but in the end DCBs were selected. The DCBs have proven to be extremely reliable with hundreds in operation and offer other advantages, including lower maintenance due to less equipment requirements and lower weight and space requirements due to high efficiencies especially at deeper water depths. In addition, once the nitrogen pre-charge is set, you don’t have to worry about changing for various water depths, saving non-productive time setting the pre-charge as well as minimizing calculations and personnel intervention. The DCBs are great for stack h

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  • Introducing our NEW Smart Reel™ System

    Reel Power Marine & Energy NEW Smart Reel™ (Patent Pending) is a substantial upgrade to BOP control and IWOCS reels that addresses many challenges presented by offshore drilling contractors, including lowering operating costs, improving safety and improving the control’s response time

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  • NEW Loc-Torus II Remote Connector System

    Reel Power Marine & Energy NEW Loc-Torus II Remote Connector System has completed first month of frac field trials in South Texas.  

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    Reel Power Marine & Energy has successfully tested the Loc-Torus II remote hydraulic connector on a toe prep operation in South Texas.The connector performed flawlessly on multiple connections and at pressure. The connector is designed to remotely attach the wireline BOP to top of frac tree, eliminating the need to send personnel up in a man lift to make and break the connection.

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  • 20,000 lbs. Testing of Catahead and LARS Platform

    Houston, TX – September 14, 2016 - Reel Power Marine & Energy dba Radoil has just completed a major milestone in the testing of its patented Catahead drive unit for our line of Launch and Recovery System (LARS) platforms. After years of development, design, and testing, Reel Power’s Catahead design engineers and technicians have successfully completed function testing at 20,000lbs. The next and final step in the Catahead design evolution will be to complete the durability life cycle testing currently in progress at our Houston, TX facility located at West Rd & Beltway 8. 

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  • First Smart Reel™ with Constant Tension Upgrade

    Houston, TX – August 25, 2016

    Reel Power Marine & Energy dba Radoil announces that its first Patent(s) Pending Smart Reel™ Constant Tension Reel has shipped. The innovative feature automatically controls an umbilical reel during riser deployment and retrieval offering greater reliability of your system. The Smart Reel™ system is available on new BOP, IWOCS and/or Pod Hose reels, plus it is designed to retrofit current Radoil reels in the field.

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  • Consolidation of Radoil & Tulsa Power operations

    Reel Power Internationl, August 18, 2016 - Tulsa Power and Radoil are pleased to announce the consolidation of the Tulsa Power O&G operations in their Houston, Tx facility. The company will now operate under the name Reel Power Marine & Energy dba Radoil and Tulsa Power. Reel Power Marine & Energy, Inc is owned and managed by Reel Power International, Inc.

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  • Our Reels Assist In The World's Record For Deepest Water Depth Of More Than 2 Miles Below The Surface

    HOUSTON, TX – April 15, 2016 – Radoil announces that their MUX and Hotline Reels were used on Maersk Venturer ultra-deepwater drillship offshore Uruguay in water depths of 3,400 meters (11,156 ft). 

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  • We've moved!

    November 1, 2015

    Radoil is excited to announce the completion of a brand new, state of the art manufacturing facility.

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  • Our Mux and Hotline Reels Assist in the World Water-Depth Drilling Record in 10,385 FT of Water Off India

    HOUSTON, TX – February 21, 2013 – Radoil is pleased to announce that its MUX and Hotline Reels were used on both of the following Transocean ultra-deepwater drillships as their water-depth drilling records were set offshore India. MUX and Hotline Reels are installed on the rig near the rig’s moon-pool. 

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  • Gulf Disaster Fuels New Safety Gear

    May 24, 2011

    Last year's deadly oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has become an engine for innovation by energy-services companies and a compelling backdrop against which to roll out new products.

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