Cable, Pipe & Umbilical Lay

  1. Reel Power ME has designed and built Gimbaled J-Lay Towers with highly automated pipe welding systems that allow offshore pipelines to be laid safely in deepwater. One J-Lay Tower for OSI/Petrobras had a 58 ft. travel and another for Stolt had an 8..

  2. Reel Power ME ROV Pipeline Spear was designed to recover the cut or parted end of a pipeline from the ocean floor. The Pipeline Spear can be made in any size to fit the ID of your pipeline.

  3. The Reel Power ME Patented Catahead Style LARS System transfers the power of lifting to a dual failsafe tractor curve mounted on the mast and compliments the system with failsafe double wedge slips which act as parking brakes and/or emergency stop brakes.  The relatively small catahead located on the mast eliminates the need for large heavy duty winches.

  4. Tire type linear cable engines are used to deploy and retrieve cables and umbilicals, typically subsea. The tire design is more friendly to the cable and can pass bodies while maintaining tension on the cable. The Marine & Energy containerized design makes for fast mobilization, easy transport and installation; simply tie off to the deck, deliver available power and the system is ready to go to wo..
  5. Cable Tensioners are used to deploy and retrieve cables and umbilicals, typically offshore.  The tensioner consists of two horizontally or vertical opposed caterpillar tracks connected to a common sub-frame, one is solidly fixed and the other on a sliding arrangement allowing it to be squeezed hydraulically against the other. The design allows centering the cable vertically through the cleat sty..
  6. Carousels & Loading arms are used to deploy and store umbilicals and high voltage cable for offshore or plant side.  Carousels are offered for up to 3000 tons. ..
  7. Foundations and Hydraulic Reel Drive system are used to spool, deploy and recover subsea products such as umbilical, flow lines, flexible pipelines, power cables, telecoms, wire ropes, mooring lines and tubing. Shaftless and shafted systems are available for reels up to 350 tons. System are also available for in-plant winding applications...
  8. Traction winches are used to hold back and control tension on wire ropes, ROV cable, synthetic rope and wireline. They are often used to control tension for loading material onto a winch that cannot support the high line tensions on lower layers. Otherwise known as dual wheel capstans.

  9. Custom turntables manufactured to your specifications with drive and tension control systems available...