Defense & Marine Services

Defense & Marine Services

Reel Power Marine & Energy's defense capabilities, particularly in the realm of offshore deployment equipment, showcase their commitment to excellence and adherence to rigorous standards. As a US Manufacturer with over 100 years combined expertise, we are a leader in the industry, offering you the best solutions, lowering your business risk, improving your overall profitability.

  • Offshore Deployment Equipment: Reel Power Marine & Energy has established itself as a key player in the field of offshore deployment equipment. Our extensive range of standard and custom products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of marine and energy applications. The company's focus on innovation and reliability has contributed to its reputation as a trusted provider of cutting-edge solutions.
  • Unique Winches: A standout feature of Reel Power Marine & Energy's capabilities lies in its development of unique winches. These winches are engineered to perform seamlessly in offshore environments, where reliability and precision are paramount. Whether it's deploying cables, lifting heavy loads, or managing intricate operations, these winches demonstrate a combination of advanced technology and robust design.
  • Cable Deployment Expertise: The company's expertise in cable deployment is a testament to its deep understanding of the challenges posed by offshore environments. Adhering to ISO & ASME Code and NavSea standards you are assured of quality & safe, reliable equipment, that meet the stringent requirements.
  • Compliance with NavSea Standards: NavSea standards are known for their strict criteria, especially in the defense sector. Our US based team of highly experienced engineers create a quality product design that is manufactured for reliability and durability, with a project management team that is accustomed to catering to government naval contracts, closely adhering to NavSea standards
  • Long History of Excellence: With a long and storied history in offshore deployment equipment, Reel Power Marine & Energy has amassed a wealth of experience. This history is a testament to the company's ability to adapt to evolving technological landscapes while maintaining a commitment to quality and reliability. We are a complete manufacturing company offering experienced, licensed professional engineers utilizing 3D modeling and ANSYS Finite Element. Our first class, ISO 9001:2015, facility offers certified welders and inspectors (ASME Certified, with AWS/CWI trained staff), CNC machining, electrical and mechanical assembly, with full testing capabilities.
  • Integration of Advanced Technology: In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, Reel Power Marine & Energy remains at the forefront by integrating advanced technologies into its defense capabilities. This includes the incorporation of smart systems, automation, and data analytics to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their equipment in offshore deployment scenarios. Our company is also Cyber Security compliant (DFARS 252.204-7012).

Reel Power Marine & Energy offers NavSea approved exotic metal weld and NDT procedures (including Inconel, Monel, HY-80 & Titanium)!

NavSea Approved weld specs:

  • HY-80 to HY-80
  • HY-80 to Inonel 625
  • Monel to Monel
  • HY-80 to Monel

Reel Power Marine & Energy's defense capabilities in offshore deployment equipment showcase a combination of innovation, reliability, and a commitment to meeting the stringent requirements of the defense sector.

  1. Reel Power has over 48 years of designing and building specialty winch and winding equipment. Marine winches are available with variable frequency or hydraulic drive systems for over 100,000 lbs of pull. Please share with us your exact requirements and a winch can be offered to best suit your application.

  2. Modular, containerized deployment system to deploy “Work Class” ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), other underwater crafts and subsea tools, using a non-armored tether for deployment, offers decreased weights, mobilization costs, faster deployment and can be placed on varying vessels of opportunity.

  3. The Re-Reeving machinery is specifically designed for replacing wire rope on your on-shore and offshore cranes.  The machine winds up your old wire rope onto a spool for disposal, then pays out new wire rope with back tension from a reel to yo..

  4. The Reel Power ME Patented Catahead Style LARS System transfers the power of lifting to a dual failsafe tractor curve mounted on the mast and compliments the system with failsafe double wedge slips which act as parking brakes and/or emergency stop brakes.  The relatively small catahead located on the mast eliminates the need for large heavy duty winches.

  5. Traction winches are used to hold back and control tension on wire ropes, ROV cable, synthetic rope and wireline. They are often used to control tension for loading material onto a winch that cannot support the high line tensions on lower layers. Otherwise known as dual wheel capstans.

  6. Tire type linear cable engines are used to deploy and retrieve cables and umbilicals, typically subsea. The tire design is more friendly to the cable and can pass bodies while maintaining tension on the cable. The Marine & Energy containerized design makes for fast mobilization, easy transport and installation; simply tie off to the deck, deliver available power and the system is ready to g..

  7. Cable Tensioners are used to deploy and retrieve cables and umbilicals, typically offshore.  The tensioner consists of two horizontally or vertical opposed caterpillar tracks connected to a common sub-frame, one is solidly fixed and the other on a sliding arrangement allowing it to be squeezed hydraulically against the other. The design allows centering the cable vertically through the cleat sty..
  8. Oceanographic Winches, Towing Winches, Research Winches, Specialized Winches, Traction Winches, Array Winches, Renewable Winches, Dredging Winches, Bow Winches Ocean & Seabed Survey Winches, Specialty Mooring Winches, Aerostat Winches, Seismic winches, Geotechnical Winches(seabed sampling), ROV&nb..

  9. Reel Power Marine & Energy offers custom designed A-frame and Overboard frames per the application’s special requirements. Systems available up to 60,000 lbs capacity and can be custom designed to your exact requirements. Powered by company provided HPUs or ship power. DNV Certifications available.