Smart Reel®

The Reel Power ME Patented and Patent Pending Smart Reel® innovative technology automatically controls the umbilical tension during deployment and retrieval of riser.

The Reel Power ME Patented and Patent Pending Smart Reel® innovative technology automatically controls the umbilical tension during deployment and retrieval of the riser. This technology extends the life of umbilical and makes it possible to run the riser without operator intervention. The Smart Reel ® also prevent over-running of the umbilical preventing unwanted slack. The Smart Reel® and constant tension umbilical reel system is available on new Reel Power ME BOP Control (MUX and Hot Line), IWOCS, Hydraulic and/or Pod Hose reels, plus it is designed to retrofit current Radoil and other makes of pneumatic powered reels in the field.

Reel Power ME NEW Smart Reel® and Constant Tension Umbilical Reel System Lowers Operating Costs and Improves Safety. Reel Power ME's NEW Smart Reel® (Patent Pending) is a substantial upgrade to BOP control and IWOCS reels that addresses many challenges presented by offshore drilling contractors, including lowering operating costs, improving safety and improving the control’s response time. The Smart Reel® upgrade:

Automates the operation of the reel during riser deployment eliminating the need for an operator to control the reel.

Automatically controls the umbilical tension throughout the build-up, protecting the umbilical and down sheaves.

Prevents the reel from over-running the riser by matching the umbilical speed with the riser speed, preventing costly over-runs.

The controls upgrade provide near instantaneous response and is powered by the Smart Reel® control.

The Smart Reel®  and Constant Tension Umbilical Reel include intrinsically safe components and generates its own power, eliminating the need to run power to the moon pool. The Smart Reel® the upgrade is available for existing pneumatic BOP reels on your vessels and new Reel Power ME reels. It eliminates the need for an operator to control the reel, extends the umbilical life, eliminates costly over-runs and minimizes the chance of equipment damage due to over-tension. The Smart Reel® will save many thousands in operating costs (Preliminary estimates payback is 9 to 14.5 months). Estimated savings are based on reducing operating personnel required, and would be significantly increased if umbilical damage were prevented or additional rig time were included.

More Information
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  • Fast Response Controls retrofit to replace pneumatic controls from the remote control console.  Provides near instantaneous control of the reel from remote.  Fast Response Controls includes
  • Joystick directional control – intrinsically safe
  • Large mushroom E-Stop button – intrinsically safe
  • Power is provided from the Smart Reel retrofit kit (no external electrical power required)

The Smart Reel® offers fully automatic reel operations. The BOP Stack can be run from the surface to the seafloor and retrieved with the reel automatically controlling the tension on the umbilical at the desired tension. No operator inputs required during operations.


The Smart Reel® can prevent umbilical from over-running the riser by matching the umbilical speed with the riser speed. One operator selectable parameter is the riser speed. Since the Smart Reel® has calculated the umbilical build-up diameter and the reel rotational speed, the Smart Reel® knows the umbilical deployment speed (fpm). The Smart Reel ® compares the operator selectable input of the riser speed with the deployment speed reacts accordingly to prevent umbilical overruns.


The Smart Reel® programmable logic controller (PLC) allows outputs and inputs to the drillers controls. For example, an output of total run time or revolutions the reel has made can be output. This data can be used for predictive failure analysis for such components as the slip ring or other components within the system. The PLC control allows a lot of added flexibility within the system.


The Fast Response feature replaces the pneumatic controls at the remote control stand with intrinsically safe electrical controls. This eliminates the slow response seen in air systems, which in some installations has been reported up to 10 second delay. Internal testing provides a response time of approximately 1 sec with fast response controls, compared to 4-5 seconds with existing pneumatic controls running through 200 ft of line.


The optional High Tension Alarm provides secondary, direct response feedback for tension in the cable. This redundant safety feature enhances the system assuring that the reel is maintaining the umbilical tension within the correct range and alerting the driller if the tension range is elevated. Signal from the alarm provides control inputs to the Smart Reel ® to adjust tension accordingly.


The Smart Reel® retrofit is completely self-contained and requires no external electrical power source (with optional Self-Powered option). The system uses air pressure already provided at the reel to charge its own batteries. The low voltage controls require very little power and resultant air flow.


Additional features:


Reel slack features provides a timed amount of slack with an operator signal. Wireless or wired control pendant available.


Total calculated length of umbilical deployed that corresponds to riser depth is available with Smart Reel® controls.


Smart Reel® Display (Optional) to mount in the driller cabinet to provide tension, pressure, build-up, length and slack information and control. Large color display requires 110V power source.

Common Uses:

  • -> BOP Control Reel – MUX & Hot Line
  • -> Intervention Workover Reel (IWOCS)
  • -> Hydraulic Multifunction Umbilical Reel (Pod Hose)
  • -> Discrete Reels
  • -> Dual Gradient Reels
  • -> Deployment Reels