Rotary Valves

Reel Power ME Rotary Valves and high-pressure rotary valve provide directional control of high-pressure functions for both on & offshore subsea and industrial control applications. Designed with the operator in mind, Reel Power ME rotary valves reduce panel space, provide shorter and more compact tubing runs, and ease maintenance and testing requirements with front panel maintenance access.

Reel Power ME rotary valves and high pressure rotary valve come in 3,000, 10,000 and 15,000 psi ratings with multiple sizes and configurations to meet your operational needs. With rugged stainless steel construction and metal to metal sealing technology, the Reel Power ME rotary valve also allows full body working pressure or back pressure vs. the industry standard of 250 psi on other rotary valves.

The Reel Power ME rotary valve uses a 30 degree offset between rear hydraulic ports to allow for reduced space between valves. This not only reduces panel space but allows for shorter and more compact hydraulic tubing runs saving the customer space, time, and money. Both rear and side ported valves are available for greater mounting flexibility.

The Reel Power ME rotary valve and high pressure rotary valve are designed to be used for oil & water service with negligible leakage rates measured over time. Each rotary valve has a removable core accessible from the front of the valve without the need to break hydraulic lines or fittings saving valuable time in re-testing hydraulic tubing and fittings.

The Reel Power ME electrical actuator eliminates the air required for current air driven actuators allowing for remote operation and Explosion Proof electrical control of the circuit (ATEX & IP66 rated). The 3 position actuator provides visual indication of position and offers a manual over-ride feature. This design eliminates multiple, redundant air pilot lines and manifolds behind the control panel, thus reducing panel size, complexity and cost of your panels.

Lastly, the Reel Power ME rotary valve can be fitted with a 2 and 3 position pneumatic driven actuator. The air driven actuator can be retrofitted for use in any current or existing control panel design. And is serviceable from front of the panel.


Subsea Controls

BOP Accumulators

Diverter Panels

Industrial Controls

Hydraulic Pressure Units

Service Access from front allowing convenient maintenance with valve installed.

Does not require disconnecting and re-pressure testing tubing in rear offers lower maintenance cost.

More compact placing of valves allows more controls in given space and smaller control system saving system costs.

Backpressure capable provide greater control system flexibility.

Electric actuation eliminates pilot lines reducing control system complexity, size and cost.