BOP Control Reel

Reelpower OG BOP Control Umbilical Reels are capable of handling up to 13,500 feet of Electrical and Fiber MUX or Hot Line hose umbilical. BOP Control reels are used to store, wind and deploy umbilical that control the subsea wellhead Blow Out Preventer.  Reliability is critical for high cost deep offshore BOP operations.  The reels offer several patented and patent pending features that save operating costs and increase reliability.


BOP Control Reels are used to deploy and retrieve MUX (Fiber & Electrical) Cables, Hot Line Hoses and Multi-tube Hydraulic (POD) Hoses to supply control signals to the subsea BOP.  The reels are used for Mid-Water, Deepwater and Ultra-Deepwater drilling, Intervention and other BOP involved functions.  The reliability of the BOP control reels is crucial to running the riser and controlling BOP functions.

Reel Power ME BOP Control Reels are capable of handling up to 13,500 feet of umbilical or hydraulic hose. There are several patented features only available on Reel Power ME umbilical reels that allow safer and more reliable deployment of various umbilical types.

Reel Power ME  Umbilical Reel Unique Features:

Reel Power ME's Smart Reel Constant Tension (Patent Pending) feature automatically adjusts the tension of the reel as the umbilical is deployed allowing the reel to function on its own. This feature also monitors the speed of the reel and detects if the reel is moving faster than the riser. When this speed differential occurs the reel will automatically set the clutches and brakes stopping the umbilical in the event of over-payout (See Smart Reel product for more information).

Smart Reel Control Fast Response feature eliminates the slow response time of air operated controls and replaces with intrinsically safe controls on the remote operator station.

Our patented “Banana Curve” allows the level-wind fleet angle to be adjusted within a 110° range allowing hose deployment from the vertical position to just below the horizontal position. The adjustable level-wind angle feature allows the user additional flexibility when locating the reels and umbilical sheaves on a vessel.

Our Power Brake Assist (PBA) (Patent Pending) system reduces the brake response time and allows better control of the brakes at lower supply air pressures.

The Slip Clutch system (Patented) allows the spool to turn, under a pre-set drag, even if the brake is locked, protecting the hose from damage in the event of unexpected riser movement.

The Local Controls allow Reelpower ME reels to be operated from controls mounted on the reels or from a remote control panel. Our control panels can be configured to operate as many reels from one station as the customer desires.

Reel Power ME Umbilical Reels around the world

Reel Power ME  has its Umbilical Reels on approximately125 Deepwater Rigs around the world. We currently supply Umbilical Reels for about 70% of the new-build Deepwater Rig market. The innovative features of the Reel Power ME reels lower your operating cost and increase the reliability of the BOP control system. Reel Power ME  is the reel of choice for deepwater operators.

Umbilical Reels Quality Service

Our experienced service Department personnel are capable of repairing, maintaining or upgrading our umbilical reels anywhere in the world. Spare parts kits are available so our reels can be readily maintained in the field.

Reel Power ME  has produced umbilical reels for almost every deepwater application. Reel Power ME  has developed many patented and patent pending features that Improve the Reliability and Safety of the umbilical deployment and Lower the Operating Costs of the Drilling Contractor.


More Information
Product Brochure View FileBOP Control Reel
  • Adjustable Level-wind Fleet Angle
  • Smart Reel Constant Tension Control
  • Smart Reel Fast Response Control
  • Slip Clutch Safety Feature
  • Available for up to 13,500 ft of umbilical
  • High Pressure Hydraulic Swivels
  • Electric and Fiber Optic Slip Rings
  • Explosion Proof Controls
  • Balanced and/or Light Weight Spools
  • Umbilical Sheaves (meet or exceed API 16D)
  • Umbilical Riser Clamps
  • Remote Control Panels
  • Spare Parts Kits
  • Umbilical Rewind Service
  • Deepwater BOP Systems
  • Electric Umbilical Reels
  • Fiber Option Umbilical Reels
  • Hot Line Hose Reels
  • Hydraulic Control Reels
  • POD Hose Reels
  • Dual Gradient Reels
  • Intervention Workover System (IWOCS)
  • Hydraulic Multifunction Umbilical (Pod Hose)
  • Discrete Reels
  • Glycol Fill Reels
  • Chemical Injection Reels


  • Trusted Partner – Reelpower OG has manufactured more Umbilical Reels than anyone in the World.
  • Patented Adjustable Fleet Angle allows greater flexibility in locating equipment and more accurate sheave alignment.
  • Patent Pending “Smart Reel” Constant Tension prevents damage to cable and equipment, never exceeding the riser speed. Eliminates operator intervention during riser deployment saving operating costs and increasing reliability.
  • PatentedSlip Clutch Safety Feature Prevents Damage to the Cable and Equipment.
  • Patent Pending Power Brake Assist reduces air response time of braking.
  • Powered Level-wind Adjustment (Optional) gives easy access to correct level-wind on the fly.