1. Oceanographic Winches, Towing Winches, Research Winches, Specialized Winches, Traction Winches, Array Winches, Renewable Winches, Dredging Winches, Bow Winches Ocean & Seabed Survey Winches, Specialty Mooring Winches, Aerostat Winches, Seismic winches, Geotechnical Winches(seabed sampling), ROV&nb..

  2. Reel Power ME Installation/Workover Control System (IWOCS) reels are designed to meet the customer's hydraulic control requirements for vertical and horizontal well completions in various water depths. Reliability is critical for high cost deep offshore well intervention operations. The reels offer several patented and patent-pending features that save operating costs and increase reliability. ..

  3. Raw Water/Pre-Loading Reel Systems provide an effective means of storing, lowering, and retrieving a composite hose at the end of which an ESP (Electrical Submersible Pump) can be attached and run below the ocean surface to deliver seawater to an elevated offshore structure.The systems can be retrofitted to an existing vessel or supplied for new construction.

  4. Offshore Loading Stations are designed to provide reliable, safe and efficient fluid transfer in various offshore applications. These systems can improve efficiency and safety on jack-ups, semis, drill ships, TLPs and FPSOs — any Offshore vessel where fluid and dry products are loaded from a service/supply vessel.

  5. Reel Power has over 48 years of designing and building specialty winch and winding equipment. Marine winches are available with variable frequency or hydraulic drive systems for over 100,000 lbs of pull. Please share with us your exact requirements and a winch can be offered to best suit your application.

  6. The Re-Reeving machinery is specifically designed for replacing wire rope on your on-shore and offshore cranes.  The machine winds up your old wire rope onto a spool for disposal, then pays out new wire rope with back tension from a reel to yo..

  7. Reelpower OG BOP Control Umbilical Reels are capable of handling up to 13,500 feet of Electrical and Fiber MUX or Hot Line hose umbilical. BOP Control reels are used to store, wind and deploy umbilical that control the subsea wellhead Blow Out Preventer.  Reliability is critical for high cost deep offshore BOP operations.  The reels offer several patented and patent pending features t..

  8. Powered drill line spoolers and powered wire spoolers speed up and rig down time. Reelpower ME has worked closely with drilling contractors and rig manufacturers to specifically design and manufacture Drill Line Spoolers that will improve operator safety and reduce cycle time. Reel Power ME offers drill line spoolers and powered wire spooler in many configurations, sizes, and drive re..

  9. The Reel Power ME Patented and Patent Pending Smart Reel® innovative technology automatically controls the umbilical tension during deployment and retrieval of riser...
  10. ESP (Electric Submersible Pump) Spoolers are used to deploy and retrieve electric submersible pump cable with pump attached downhole. The units are also used in service centers throughout the world for cable repair application. Typically, these spoolers are designed to hold a 96” maximum diameter x 30,000 lbs reel of cable. Available with electric or electric/hydrauli..

  11. Reel Power ME Riser Fill Umbilical Reels are used to store, wind and deploy umbilical for transmitting fluid to the riser. Reliability is critical for high cost deep offshore BOP operations. The reels offer several patented and patent pending features that save operating costs and increase reliability..

  12. Current coiled tubing winch and coiled tubing deployment units use a heavy winch to handle and store the tubing. The coiled tubing is deployed to a tower sheave then to a straight injector and into the well. Reel Power ME patented unit includes a curved Catahead injector to handle the load. 

  13. The Drill Line Slip & Cut Coiler is specifically designed to wind used drill line,allow the operator to band the full length of drill line, and allow the coil to be removed with an overhead lift or forklift for disposal. The coiler will allow the material to be disposed of quickly and safely – a significant time and safety improvement from the current process of ..

  14. Reel Power ME have a combined 64 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of reels and winches. The companies have designed and built reels to meet a wide range of size and utilization demands. The combined company is experienced in a wide variety of controls, including pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical (PLC and Servo control), and has built reels to handle almost every flexible material..

  15. Reel Power ME levelwind assemblies feature stainless steel diamond pattern drives screws which are custom designed to fit the width of both the spool and the frame to which it will be mounted.

  16. Tire type linear cable engines are used to deploy and retrieve cables and umbilicals, typically subsea. The tire design is more friendly to the cable and can pass bodies while maintaining tension on the cable. The Marine & Energy containerized design makes for fast mobilization, easy transport and installation; simply tie off to the deck, deliver available power and the system is ready to g..

  17. Reel Power ME Multifunction Hydraulic Reel allows the operator to reel out/in multifunction hydraulic hose with 1 to 65 individual hydraulic functions capability. ..