Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Performance and Solutions by Design…


Reel Power Marine & Energy was founded to improve performance and solve problems in oil and gas drilling operations through innovation and engineering. Our company has four dozen patents and counting. The standard product lines such as BOP Reels, IWOCS Reels, Accumulators, Hot Stabs, Winches not only earn the largest market shares through performance and reliability, but also often cause competitors to buy Reel Power Marine & Energy proprietary components to build their competing products (e.g. Rotary Valves or Levelwinds). New products being introduced use patented, innovative features to not only improve customers’ profitability, but also to enhance safety through design (e.g. Loc-Torus Subsea Wellhead Connectors, RadaClamp Hydraulic Frac Connectors or Heavy Drill Collars). Reel Power Marine & Energy is a mid-size company, but capable of meeting big challenges. The company has, for example, designed as many or more large J-Lay Towers as any other company in the world, and designed and delivered a computer controlled Centralizer System for the biggest deepwater rig in the Gulf of Mexico.


Tulsa Power focuses on developing innovative solutions for winding and handling flexible materials. Their products include Offshore Loading Stations, Raw Water Reel systems, Drill Line Spoolers, Wireline (braided and slickline) Units. The company focus has been on land, shallow and deep offshore drilling, but any application requiring handling of flexible material can benefit from Tulsa Power ingenuity.  In addition to mechanical design, the company has a rich history and experience in automation, including PLC, Servo and safety controls.   


In 2016, the company consolidated its oil and gas operations into its modern 100,000 sq. ft Houston, Texas facility. The combined company’s name is Reel Power Marine & Energy dba Radoil & Tulsa Power. The company offer complete mechanical and controls design and manufacturing, including fabrication, machining, mechanical and electrical assembly. State of the art engineering tools are employed including Solid Works 3D modeling and ANSYS FEA, along with a robust ERP and quality control package. Further, Reel Power Marine & Energy regularly meets ASME, API, ABS, DNV and other design parameters, and its large, modern factory is ISO certified.  

"If you’re an OEM, an operator, service company or a rig builder for drilling operations who needs performance, not problems…you need Reel Power Marine & Energy"