Houston, TX – August 25, 2016

Reel Power Marine & Energy dba Radoil announces that its first Patent(s) Pending Smart Reel™ Constant Tension Reel has shipped. The innovative feature automatically controls an umbilical reel during riser deployment and retrieval offering greater reliability of your system. The Smart Reel™ system is available on new BOP, IWOCS and/or Pod Hose reels, plus it is designed to retrofit current Radoil reels in the field.

Lowers Operating Costs & Improves Safety
• Lowers Operating Cost by automating the reel control during high value riser deployment times
• Improves Rig Reliability by Automatically Controlling the Umbilical Tension – Protects the umbilical and down sheaves from Over-tension
• Improves Operational Efficiency by preventing umbilical from outrunning the riser – Automatically calculates the umbilical speed
• Improves Safety and Lowers Operating Cost – The Smart Reel™ upgrade offers near instantaneous response time from controls even mounted several hundred feet away
• Available on New Radoil Reels and Field Retrofit-able on existing Radoil Reels – BOP Control & IWOCS Reels

In addition to the extensive testing of this feature conducted by the company, the complete Smart Reel™ passed all company and customer witnessed FAT testing. “We look forward to continue advancing the Smart Reel™ technology to take on more functions that improve our customer’s reliability and operating efficiency” says Mike Spence Senior Vice President of Market Development.