Reel Power Marine & Energy Introduces NEW Smart Reel System

Reel Power Marine & Energy NEW Smart Reel™ (Patent Pending) is a substantial upgrade to BOP control and IWOCS reels that addresses many challenges presented by offshore drilling contractors, including lowering operating costs, improving safety and improving the control’s response time. The Smart Reel upgrade:

  • Automates the operation of the reel during riser deployment eliminating the need for an operator to control the reel.
  • Automatically controls the umbilical tension throughout the build-up, protecting the umbilical and down sheaves.
  • Prevents the reel from over-running the riser by matching the umbilical speed with the riser speed, preventing costly over-runs.
  • The Smart Reel includes intrinsically safe components and generates its own power, eliminating the need to run power to the moon pool.
  • The controls upgrade provide near instantaneous response and is powered by the Smart Reel control.

The Smart Reel™upgrade is available for existing Radoil on your vessels and new Radoil reels.  It eliminates the need for an operator to control the reel, extends the umbilical life, eliminates costly over-runs and minimizes chance of equipment damage due to over-tension. The Smart Reel will save many thousands in operating costs (Preliminary estimates indicate rig savings of $65k to $200k+ per year).

The Smart Reel™ system is in the final stages of testing in Radoil’s Houston, TX facility. Please schedule an appointment to see the Smart Reel™ system operate and discuss how much Operating Costs can be saved by upgrading your BOP and IWOCS reels. 

Radoil is a Reel Power Marine & Energy company, based in Houston, TX.  The company offers innovative solutions for oilfield challenges.