Houston, Texas, (September 24, 2018) – Reel Power Oil & Gas has developed the remote connector between the Wireline Pressure Control and crown valve at top of the frac tree in a hydraulic fracturing application. Called Loc-Torus II®, the remote connector systems allows the operator to safely connect the wireline tool string without personnel entering the high-pressure danger zone. Mike Spence, vice president, made the announcement.

Using the new remote connector, the operator is able to continue pressure pumping while the tool string is removed and perforating guns are changed out on multi-well pads. The remote operation eliminates the need for personnel to go up in a basket to disconnect or reconnect the connection, reducing safety risk while allowing value added pressure pumping to continue.

By continuing with the pressure pumping while changing perforating charges, the time savings can be between 15-30 minutes for each stage. According to Mr. Spence, “this one features can add a stage per day, significantly reducing the operator’s completion costs.”

The remote operator control system is specifically designed for simplicity, including operator displays with keyed and interlocked switches, which prevent inadvertent unlatching of the connector with positive bore pressure. The control system enables trend analysis for the number of connections, pressure and time available, providing predictive failure analysis data and remote diagnostics.

Additional features of the new Loc-Torus II® connector include failsafe, spring locking connectors that provide double-assurance that you are locked; and an anchored, “plug & play” umbilical bundle that stays in place when snagged. Loc-Torus II® is available in 10k and 15k versions.  Remote Night Cap and Ball Drop options are available. 

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