Research & Development

Our goal is to identify challenges, design innovative solutions and manufacture quality products that solve your deepwater problems. Our business is saving you time and money. Everyone encounters delays and with day rates where they are any delay can be very costly to you, your clients and your vendors. Our Research & Development team is always at work on new products to improve the capabilities of the offshore drilling industry. These improvements range from improvements on our existing product lines to improvements in pipeline laying capabilities to developing and testing new products like our shearable drill collars and WAEF system.


Since the Macondo accident in 2010 we have developed over 11 new improvements for use in offshore drilling. These make emergency BOP operations much quicker and increase the capabilities of existing BOP systems while adding a number of new safety and environmental benefits. We can’t control the weather but we may be able to help you reduce your weather downtime, or if you have re-occurring equipment problems give us a call and let us help you find the right solution. What you call problems we call challenges and we would like to help you find solid economic solutions to those challenges. We have a large slate of diverse products in the marketplace and we are constantly designing new products to meet new challenges worldwide.