Offshore Services

Currently there are over 100 deepwater drilling rigs working around the world equipped with our umbilicial reels.


The following service operations are recommended on an annual basis to maintain the reliability of Reel Power Oil & Gas Reels in the field:


  • Check the operation of the reel and reel controls (as is possible in the connected situation)
  • Remove main bearing caps and repack with grease
  • Grease all other bearings
  • Replace oil in motor
  • Clean air filters
  • Replace oil in air lubricator
  • Check brakes for proper alignment with brake drum
  • Replace brake pads as required
  • Inventory client’s spare parts kit and provide a listing to Radoil to quote parts to bring it back up to date
  • Clean and grease the diamond shaft(s) and the dummy shaft
  • Check chain tension
  • Check for leaks and replace seals as required
  • General inspection of reel and written report on status, including photographs
  • Other tasks as appear to be prudent from the inspection of the equipment



* The service operations presume that a standard spare kit for the reels is in the field to from which to draw the necessary service parts. If such a kit is not available, it is appropriate to purchase a kit in advance of dispatching the service personnel.